Wayback Wednesday: Cartoons

It has been a bit since I posted another edition of “Wayback Wednesday”.  I am not going to bore you with any excuses.  Just going to jump in and pick up where I left off.  Today’s Wayback Wednesday is about cartoons baby!

Wayback Wednesday: Shawn Kemp

Most of you young whipper snappers were not around when this living legend of dunk known as Shawn Kemp was playing. However this ol’ man loved him some Reign Man back in the day. Welcome Shawn Kemp to today’s edition of Wayback Wednesday!

Wayback Wednesday

I am always looking to keep things fresh and new here on Man Behind the Clouds.  But there are certain times where you have to go back into the vault and pay tribute to the past. I thought that I’d get a bit nostalgic on my readers and try out something new and old with…