Remembering Travis Sessions

Growing up I believed that living a fulfilled life meant you had a ton of money, a nice job, large house, etc. As I got older and experienced more of what life had to offer, my definition of a fulfilled life was completely altered. While desiring and having nice things is perfectly fine, I found more value and meaning to my life by the people that I have developed a relationship with. And it is for this reason that I’d like to pay my respects to Travis Sessions, a very special person and someone that I called a friend.

I met Travis through Kevin, one of my childhood buddies. As someone that is big on first impressions, I immediately knew that we were going to be friends after meeting him.. Why did I have this feeling? Well, Travis was rocking a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt. For those that know me will tell you how much of a TMNT fan I am. As I kept talking with Travis, I felt like we quickly clicked, as if we have been friends forever even despite our difference in age. It also didn’t take me long to also peg him as a country boy that was raised by great parents.

After our first encounter, we hung out on several occasions. Whether it was hanging out by the pool in his neighborhood, spending 8 hours at World of Beer downtown, devouring burgers at Teak, or cruising around downtown, I enjoyed his presence and he always was just a positive source of energy. One of the memories I have of Travis was him cheering me up shortly after my breakup. He flashed that famous “Sessions Smile” and told me how awesome of a guy I am. This resonates with me to this very day because here is someone that barely knows me but was kind enough to lift my spirits with his words. His comments were always genuine and sincere as I am sure many of his longtime friends would agree.This is just but one example out of many that speaks to the type of person that Travis was.

When I discovered of Travis passing, I immediately became numb. I couldn’t believe nor did I want to believe that he was gone. My head was racing with questions of what happened and why he was taken away from us so soon? These questions quickly transitioned into fond memories of Travis as I reflected on his life and the impact he had on mine. I would like to send my prayers and thoughts are to his family and friends that are grieving this loss. I wanted to dedicate this post to his memory and share how grateful I am to have known Travis.

You will forever be missed buddy!

sessions weathers

To read more about this awesome human being or for information regarding the services, please click here

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