Don’t Stress Things

As of late, I have been debating whether or not to share my latest health scare with my beloved audience.  After many weeks of going back and forth, I decided that my Fans Behind the Clouds need to learn from my experience.  Here goes nothing…

For the last six months (maybe even more), work had been really stressful and intense.  Everyone that knows me would tell you that I am usually a cool customer and does not let a lot bother me or stress me out.  Well this was a rare exception where I was ready to pull every hair out of my head.  Imagine if you had a mixing bowl and you added 1 part of demanding clients, 1 part of meeting critical deadlines, and 2 parts of trying to deliver on these tasks while working remotely.  Mix all of these ingredients together and you are close to having a “Stress Casserole”!  As someone that is not familiar with stressing out, I had no clue the impact it was having on my health.  I recall staying up all hours of the night, feeling restless when trying to sleep, anxiety of receiving incoming emails, and the worst symptom of all was the fact that my heart felt like it could beat out of my chest at any given moment.  However, I thought to myself that it would all go away once I was able to calm myself down.  Unfortunately, the stress continued to build up and get worse!  How worse  you ask?  Well let’s just say that I hit a breaking point and decided to admit myself to the ER with chest pain symptoms.  I literally thought I was on the verge of having a heart attack.  Now as someone that it is in his early thirties, the term heart attack should not be in my vocabulary.  Once I arrived at the ER, I was immediately hooked up to every test imaginable. Thankfully the tests came back with most positive results except for my cholesterol.   But I will save that for another post.  As a safety precaution they kept me overnight for further evaluation.

I am sure you asking yourself, why the hell is he telling me about this?  My need to share this with my fans was fueled by emphasizing the importance of not letting stress take control of your life.  Please remember that your health and the health of your loved ones is very important.  I never thought that stress would be something that I would be affected by.  However, it can attack anyone it damn well pleases.  So if I can offer any tips, I would say that if you find yourself stressed out because of work, relationships, money, or whatever to stop and take a break from the situation.  Find something that will help clear your mind (i.e. reading, going for a walk, kickboxing, CrossFit, playing with your kids)!  So, if I come across a post on my Facebook newsfeed about how stressed you are, I will reply.  If you see me doing the same, I expect to be called out as well.

So boys and girls, the moral of this post is to not let stress have its way with you.  Beware that the stress monster is a tad bit on the handsy side!  Haha but seriously try to avoid letting things stress you out as much as possible.  If you need to find serenity, then read my posts and leave comments.  Professional studies show that it can lead to a decrease in stress!

Take care of yourself.



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