2014 NBA Lottery Predictions

The time has come for the highly anticipated 2014 NBA Lottery.  A time where all your tanking and losing is rewarded by a bunch of balls!  Don’t be fooled by this year’s deep draft class.  Allow me to share my thoughts about this lottery and how it may go down.

Alright so here is my prediction of how the lottery picks will shake out:

#14 – Phoenix
#13 – Minnesota#12 – Denver
#11 – New York
#10 – Cleveland
#9 – New Orleans
#8 – Detroit
#7 – L.A. Lakers
#6 – Sacramento
#5 – Utah
#4 – Orlando
#3 – Boston
#2 – Philadelphia
#1 – Milwaukee

Now I know what you are thinking.  There is no way in hell that Boston ends up with the #3 pick!  Well I think karma will play a role since Boston missed out on the Tim Duncan sweepstakes.  Plus, I feel that if we get a #3 pick or #4, we may use that to pick up the rights to Minnesota PF, Kevin Love.  Given what I have seen with this draft class, I would rather have K-Love in Boston over any of these Thundercats!  Other names worth mentioning as possible trade bait include: Pau Gasol, Andre Drummond, DeMarcus Cousins, Dion Waiters, Kyrie Irving, Kyle Lowry, and even Derrick Rose.

I really feel sorry for Wiggins going to Milwaukee.  If he can ride out his rookie contract, he may be useful as a reserve on another team.  I look to Philly taking Jabari Parker, and if Boston doesn’t trade its pick, they will more than roll the dice on Joel Embiid.  Orlando will probably take Julius Randle at #4 and Utah taking Aaron Gorden to round up my top 5 pick predictions.

I cannot wait to see how things shake out.  Do you have predictions for this NBA Lottery?  Feel free to comment and share!


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