Wayback Wednesday: Shawn Kemp

Most of you young whipper snappers were not around when this living legend of dunk known as Shawn Kemp was playing. However this ol’ man loved him some Reign Man back in the day. Welcome Shawn Kemp to today’s edition of Wayback Wednesday!

As a huge fan of Shawn Kemp, I loved watching this guy play.  Take what everybody loves about Blake Griffin and multiply that times ten and you’ve got Shawn Kemp.  Kemp made a name for himself by dunking on poor helpless victims.  However, he was just an insane talent.

Now I am not going to bore you with too much biographical information (you can go to his wiki page for all that) but I will point out that Shawn Kemp was technically one of the firsts to make the jump from high school to the NBA.  I say technically because he was recruited by Kentucky but couldn’t play because of his SAT scores. Hey!  I never said that this guy was a genius.  After not playing at Kentucky, Kemp transferred to Trinity Valley Community College but never played a single game.  With only his high school resume, Kemp at the age of 19 declared for the NBA draft, which in my opinion takes some major kahunas.  Drafted by the Supersonics in 1989, Kemp showcased that he had a knack for the game.  Although he never won an NBA championship, Kemp played for 14 years.  Unfortunately for Kemp, most people only remember him from his days with the SuperSonics.  He did however play a few seasons in Cleveland, Portland, and ending his career in Orlando.  Yup that’s right all you Magic fans, Shawn Kemp was on your roster from 2002-2003.

Career Stats & Awards

  • 6x NBA All-Star
  • 3x All-NBA Second Team
  • Averaged 14.6 ppg/8.4 rpg

For those sneaker heads out there, he even had his own shoe with Reebok.  Who remembers the “Kamikazes”?  I know I had a pair.  Reebok announced the return of these shoes in a pretty funny commercial starring Kemp.

shawn kemp shoes






Retro Shop Commercial

Top 10 Dunks – Courtesy of Black9ne


Well that wraps up another edition of Wayback Wednesday!  Make sure you are following me on Twitter  @manbehindclouds.  Tweet me your thoughts about the Reign Man by using the #MBTCKemp.



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