Are Ducks Racist?

Just the other day, I was out and about walking trying to get some exercise and as Cleveland  (from Family Guy) said, “Doing some black guy thinking time”! After walking for a few minutes, I reached a pond with some white ducks swimming around. These ducks seemed to be enjoying themselves, there was some splashing and your typical ducking around in the pond. Shortly afterwards, I noticed a couple of mallard ducks looking to cross and join in the fun. As soon as the mallards reached the sidewalk closest to the pond, no word of a lie, the white ducks get out of the pond and chase the mallards away. The white ducks proceeded to quack at the other ducks almost as if they were telling them to stay out and that this pond was for white ducks only. At first, I thought this was the most funniest thing ever. After I let the events transpire, I realized that I just might have witnessed duck racism!

What do you think? Is this a classic case of ducks protecting their turf? Or were these mallards subjects of duck racism?

You be the judge!


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