Wayback Wednesday

I am always looking to keep things fresh and new here on Man Behind the Clouds.  But there are certain times where you have to go back into the vault and pay tribute to the past. I thought that I’d get a bit nostalgic on my readers and try out something new and old with “Wayback Wednesdays”.

Today’s first Wayback Wednesday topic is…..  my favorite DMX album!  So strap on your seat belt and let’s look at the Dogg from Yonkers!

Not going to lie that I was really torn as to which album is my favorite.  However for the dmx_its dark and hell is hotsake of my readers out there I am going to say “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot” is my favorite DMX album.

I think everyone knows and loves the Ruff Ryders Anthem track so I won’t even talk about this classic track.  Below is a breakdown of my favorite tracks:

  •   “DMX Intro” – I challenge you not to get amped every time you listen to it.  This might be one of my favorites on this album.  Hearing that famous dog growl just preps you for the bite that comes after.
  • “X is Coming” – This track just made me afraid of the Dog!  The chorus is so dark and eerie.
  • “I Can Feel It”- X shows off his sensitive side (what little he has).  Paired up with Phil Collins sample of “In The Air Tonight” made for a sick track.
  • “Damien”.  DMX’s struggle between good and evil is portrayed in this track.  Love how he raps as himself and his evil side.

This is just a solid album from start to finish.  DMX lyrics were raw and clever.  He is just one of the legendary rappers and put out a few epic albums.  You think this post is a game?  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. arfffff arfffff!



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