Readers Choice – My Drinking History

Hello and welcome to Saturday’s edition of Man Behind the Clouds.  I thought it would be fun to discuss a topic brought up by one of my many Fans Behind the Clouds.  Alright you busted me, I really have like 5 fans but they are all very loyal.  Today’s topic is going to be about my drink of choice.  However, this topic will have a little twist to it.  I will talk about my drink of choice now vs. back in the day.  Not going to lie, you are probably going to get a good laugh at my expense and that’s fine as long as you tell more people about this blog or leave comments!

Let me start off by saying that I joined the drinking game at a very late age.  My family are not super drinkers but my friends, well that is a story for another post.  I didn’t have my first drink until I was 21.  At that point my friends were drinking veterans while I was just a rookie!  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I hated being the sober guy at parties or  having to be the designated driver in most cases.  If I was a d-bag, I could’ve cleaned house with all the drunk women around.  However, that isn’t my style.  I am too much of a nice guy!  Anyways, I digress from the purpose of this post.  Any guess as to what alcoholic beverage took my virginity?  Time is up!  Nope it wasn’t beer.  It was Bacardi Silver.  You now have my permission to laugh.  Now that you got a good laugh in, lets take a look at the rest of my drink of choice pictorial history!

drinking timeline I have to admit that I laughed at myself while creating this timeline.  I can see changes over the course of time.  Now I feel the need to explain myself, so here goes nothing.

First Time Drinker Phase

  • Drank for taste
  • Beer alternatives
  • Teased heavily right up until the switch to Captain Morgan & beer
  • Liquor too expensive

I Have A Job Phase

  • Stuck to beer because it was familiar
  • Transformed into a company man
  • Introduced to a whole new world called “liquor”
  • Started experimenting with vodka

Trendy Drink Phase

  • Introduced to Yuengling and ciders
  • Sweet Tea Vodka and Avion hit the scene and it was love at first sip
  • Not as girly as when I first started in the drinking game

Don’t Forget How Old You Are Phase

  • Started to cap off my night with White Russians
  • Dabbled with wine like the big boy that I am
  • Transitioned back to one of my first loves in Captain Morgan but with Ginger Ale

So that about sums it up with me and my drinking history.  I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, ridicule about my timeline.  What would your drinking timeline look like?  I am sure if you examined it, you would laugh as well.

Time to wrap up.  I’d like to thank JFS for suggesting such a great topic.  If you are a fan of my work and would like to suggest a topic please email me at manbehindtheclouds@gmail or tweet me @manbehindclouds.  Time to go back to my cloud!





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