Letter to Apple

crying appleDear Apple,

Let me first start by saying that I am a huge fan of your products.  Ever since I purchased my first Apple laptop, I have been madly in love with you.  However, I am starting to realize as of late that you may not love me as much as I love you.  Not going to lie when I say there have been many lonely and teary nights where all I can do is think about you.  I ask myself why do I care so much?  All my friends tell me that I should leave you for Samsung but I don’t listen to their advice.  They are just jealous of you and I.  As someone that still has the laptop, a Mac Mini, iPhone4, Apple TV, and the iPad Mini, I still yearn for more.  Why do I torture myself like this is a question that I ask on a regular basis.  I guess deep down inside, I feel that one day you will shower me in love by releasing exceptional products that will knock my socks off like a TV set, Apple TV, or iPhone 6.  I will continue to love you with all my heart hoping that this day will be here soon.

Your love,

Man Behind the Clouds

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