Patriots Free Agency

I don’t know about you but I have to say that as a fan of the NFL there is no more exciting old school pats logotime than free agency.  As a Patriots fan, I can’t help but be excited about the moves the organization has made.  Now free agency can become a frustrating time for Pats fans too.  However, I think coach Bill Belechick has done a great job (like always) with playing the market.

In just a matter of a few days, the Patriots managed to get stronger on both sides of the ball.  Many haters.. I mean critics of the Pats felt that last season’s defense was suspect at best.  Well for a team decimated with injuries, I have to say that the Pats made it further than most people anticipated.

With the 2013 season in the books, the Patriots needed to look forward to 2014 and assess their free agents.  All eyes were on the “Hooded One” to see what he would do with the expiring contracts of Talib and Edelman.  It seemed that the priority was to lock these two players up.  However, we all know how the story unfolded.  Talib packed up and will need to watch out for Welker running pick plays in Denver.  That was a huge punch to the gut.  But do not despair.  In typical Belechickian fashion, he works his magic and lands an even better cornerback in Darrelle Revis.  Wait what?  This signing shocked the NFL world.  How about them apples Jets fans?  If the Revis signing wasn’t enough, we continued to solidify our secondary with former “Legion of Boom” member, Brandon Browner.  Yup that’s right.. Even though Browner must serve a 4-game suspension, he will be ready to knock the blocks off people when he returns.

So Man Behind the Clouds, I hear you salivating over the defensive additions but what about your offense?  Well I am glad you ask that.  Our biggest free agent on the offense happened to be Julius Edelman.  “Jules” was just absurd last season making people say “Welker Who?”  Like any receiver after a successful season, you puff up your chest a bit and try to look for the big pay day.  After visiting the 49ers, Edelman learned really quickly that the grass isn’t always greener.  Once he realized this, the Patriots and Jules were able to reach an agreement.  However, the Patriots are not done.  I just learned that the Patriots are close to inking a deal with former Carolina wide receiver, Brandon LaFell.  If the ink dries on this bad boy, our receiving staff will look good with: LaFell, Amendola, Edelman.  Thanks to Adam Schefter’s fine reporting, I also learned that Kenny Britt is visiting the Patriots.  If they can work out a deal with Britt, Tom Terrific will have an arsenal of receivers.

If you haven’t noticed, I am very excited to see what else the Pats have up their sleeve.  Hopefully, we can work out the drama with Vince Wilfork.  Big Vince has never complained and played under his contract.  But lets not forget that this is a business and having a 300+ defensive player coming off of an Achilles injury is not worth the 11 million he is due.  Either way, I can’t wait to see what else is up the short sleeves of Belechick.

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