Breaking Down Kanye West

What’s happening Fans Behind the Clouds?  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Any-hoo… Let’s talk about Kanye West!  How is that for a transition?  As of late, I have seen my social network blow up with posts and clips about Kanye West.  So I thought my next post would attempt at breaking down the complex being known as Kanye West.

Now before I begin, please let me start off by saying that this is a mere “attempt” at breaking down Kanye West.  He is very complicated.  I know that you will disagree with some, most, or all of what I have to say but all I ask is that you listen and process what I am about to drop on you.  Alright let the preparations for the knowledge bomb commence!

In order to break down Kanye West, you must first observe the qualities or characteristics of what makes people truly famous:

  • Artistic/Creative
  • Intelligent
  • Controversial

I’m sure there are more qualities not listed here but I wanted to focus on these three.  Now keep in mind that there are celebrities out there that may contain only one of these qualities and still get by.  However Yeezus contains all three!


We all first heard about Kanye through his music.  He got started as a producer but he didn’t want to stop there.  Kanye wanted to take it to the next level by becoming a rapper and not one dimensional as a producer.  Any fan of hip hop/rap music will tell you that it isn’t easy to transition from a producer to a rapper.  Many have tried but few have succeeded.  Yeezy was not only able to silence his critics but was creating smash records at the same time.   I will agree that Kanye makes songs for the radio but when you first come out, you have to play the game in order to succeed.  The last album titled “Yeezus” was West’s real opportunity to do things his way.  Many critics felt that this album was a total bomb.  However from an artistic standpoint, there really hasn’t been another album as raw or similar sounding as this one.  So you are probably asking yourself how does this explain his craziness?  Well think about some of our most famous musicians (i.e. The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Madonna), they all have one thing in common.  They were not afraid of reinventing themselves and their music.  Now, I cannot say with a straight face that Kanye deserves to be in the same conversation with these music greats but he sure as hell not afraid to change his style.  The same can be said about history’s great painters (Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh, etc.).  This is why Kanye describes himself as a modern day (insert artist/philosopher/revolutionary here).  In his mind, he feels that people doubt his abilities or question his talents.  However he continues to prove them wrong through his “art”.  This is why he tries to take his creative talents and apply them to other products (i.e. clothing, shoes, etc.)  Whether you agree or disagree, you cannot discount his fearlessness to go against the norm and do things his way!


We have all seen the videos where Kanye the lunatic or crazy man is raving about Nike, jogging pants, or that he is the next Steve Jobs.  I am sure you’ve labeled him an idiot or moron.  But is he really?  Beneath all the tangents or rants there is pure genius at work!  Let me ask you, how do you get the attention of people that ignore you?  In some cases you could just ignore them back or you can say or do something crazy!  Whenever Yeezy puts someone on blast (on blast = calling someone out), he is sending them a message that you can’t ignore me no matter how hard you try!  Does Yeezy go far with name dropping the likes of Gucci, Prada, Versace, etc.?  Of course he does but these are the same people that do not want to work with Kanye.  And guess what? He is going to let everybody (willing to listen of course) know why you refuse to work with him.  Listen to his music and you’ll hear about how corporations are trying to control him and tell him what he can or cannot do!   When are people going to learn that Yeezy is like Homey Da Clown and doesn’t play dat??  Imagine if Tupac listened to what the studios were telling him?  Do you think that he would be a hip hop legend today?  Let me answer that for you with a simple HELL NAW!  It is easy to call someone an idiot but beneath all the bs there is a message and method to his madness!


Umm do I really need to go into too much detail?  I mean if Kanye decided to change his name, I wouldn’t be shocked if he changed it to Contro Versial West.  The way he goes about it makes people uncomfortable or awkward.  Kanye often delivers that “finally someone said it” moment!  Honestly, we know the personality.  I am sure you have someone in your group of friends that likes to make things interesting and awkward.  Yeezy stirs up controversy better than anybody I know.  But MBTC (Man Behind the Clouds) why does he do it?  Well loyal reader, the answer is simple.  Like all celebrities, he wants to stay relevant.  The best way to stay relevant is to stir up the pot and not be afraid to shake things up.  I mean think about it.  Would Miley Cyrus still be talked about or relevant if she continued to dress or behave like Hannah Montana?  Another perfect example is how people seem to worship Charlie Sheen and hang on every word he says.  However, Charlie is not as dumb as you think he is.  He is a lightning rod for controversy and still has maintained some relevancy.  The moment you start becoming vanilla and not stirring the pot, you disappear off the radar and become irrelevant.

In conclusion, the next time you watch Kanye actin’ a damn fool, please keep in mind what you read here and hopefully you will start to discover why he acts the way he does!

If you have any thoughts, opinions, or just want to give me a shout out please go ahead and leave some comments!


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