Life As I See It…Chapter 4

Hello Fans Behind The Clouds!  I get the sneaking suspicion that you are enjoying my return.  I have managed to get a comment on my last post.  A big shout out goes to Kev C. for showing some love.  I do have to say that his comment is the perfect transition into the dramatic conclusion of this four-part series.  You are probably scratching your head and saying to yourself, “what the hell is Man Behind the Clouds talking about?”  Well for my fellow readers, Kev happens to be a good friend of mine and friendship just happens to be the topic for this post.  Coincidence or was it all a part of my master plan?  Regardless, I have to say that there usually is a method to my madness.  Well this is probably the longest introduction to a post!  Without further delay, let’s wrap up this four-part series called “Life As I See It”.


Let me preface this topic by saying that my experience happens to be very rare.  So there might be some of you that might disagree.  But that is no reason why you shouldn’t keep reading!

Young’ns:  The origins of our friendships at this age begin at the playground.  Without even knowing it your friends can be traced to a game of freeze tag, two hand touch, kickball, or whatever your game of choice may be.  Many youngsters develop a small but tight knit crew at this age.  I remember back in my day you would always have your sleepovers, YMCA dances, and some pretty intense games of Skeeball at Chuck E. Cheese.  I sure do miss those days where you and your posse could just roam free without a care in the world!  But little do you know that the friends you make at this age may not always be your bff’s!  Especially when the pressures of middle and high school come into play.  

Roaring Twenties:  Take a look to your left.  Now look to your right.  I would be willing to bet that the people standing with you in your twenties are not the same people you enjoyed watching TGIF with.  What is TGIF? Oh c’mon!  It only was the best night of television back in the 90’s.  Full House, Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, Step by Step, and more!  Anyways, I digress!  When you are in your twenties, the people you roll with now are usually your college cronies.  These are the people that share a common bond of getting trashed off shots with “bomb” in it’s name and chasing the opposite sex.  Rarely do you ever have the same friends that you grew up since elementary school.  Unless of course you happen to be me. These friends are the ones that have a better shot of making it to the next phase of your life.  We can all thank Facebook for this!

Thirty-Somethings:   Finally we arrive at the thirty-somethings.  As a member of this age bracket, you start to take inventory of your friends.  The days of friends coming and going are a thing of the past.  You probably don’t talk to anybody that you went to high school with (unless you are me of course).  Thirty-somethings grow tired and find the friend making process too much to take on.  Your circle of friends might be smaller than you are use to.  Forget about the days of Chuck E. Cheese or hitting up a kegger.  These friendly events have been replaced with pampered chef parties, book clubs, or cookouts.  Forget about chasing tail or staying out late.  Now you are chasing kids and struggling to stay up past 8.  Once again all is not bleak. at this age it is all about quality not quantity.

You have made it to the end of this roller coaster of a journey we call “life”.  I hope you have enjoyed this four-part series.  Even though it took me six years to write (exaggerated), I must say that I enjoyed every minute of it.  As always, make sure you are leaving your comments.  I am here for my Fans Behind the Clouds.

I am going to chill back in the clouds for a bit and think about what I will write about next.  Feel free to tweet me topics @ManBehindClouds and use #MBTCIdea.  I would love to hear from my fans!  Plus I will give you a pretty awesome shout out. Who doesn’t like to get a shout out right?


2 thoughts on “Life As I See It…Chapter 4

  1. You are very lucky in friends! I think your loyal readers would like to know maybe some of your short term goals? Where you see yourself in 5 years you know? Or maybe some movie reviews. Either or 🙂

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