Life As I See It…Chapter 3

Hello Fans Behind The Clouds!  Have you missed me?  I am sure you did.  I thought that it would be nice to wrap up this 4-part series.  I am sure you are probably screaming, “it is about time” at your computer monitor.  Despite my long absence, it has been rather cool bringing you my insight on life.  Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about my point of view.  I know a few of you have mentioned that you loved the idea of a 4-part series.  For those loyal fans, it is now time for Chapter 3!


Young’nsIf I collected a dollar for every time I heard the expression, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” while I was a kid, I think I would have a hundred dollars.  Hey when you were a kid that was a ton of money.  As a youngster, you had no value or concept of money.  Remember how excited we use to get whenever your birthday would roll around and the cards would come with money inside.  Boy let me tell you back in the day, money use to burn a hole in my pocket.  Many kids figure that when they run out of cash, they always have mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, etc. to turn to!  I sure miss those days!

Roaring Twenties:  When you are in your twenties, you have hopefully learned the concept of money.  However, there is just one small problem.  You ain’t got any!  And in most situations you can’t pull the stunt of asking for more money from mom and dad.  As the offspring, you are no longer able to suckle at the financial teet.  At this age you are probably working and making minimum wage in the retail or service industry.  The money you end up making probably ends up going toward booze or clothes.  But don’t worry it isn’t all bleak because you can always pay for fun stuff with one of your million credit cards.  Don’t worry about paying for it now because there is always tomorrow!

Thirty-Somethings:   At this juncture in your life, it always seems to be more reflective about how well you had it in the past.  Especially when you it comes to money.  When you were young, the money would come from Bank of Mom and Dad.  In your twenties, you mastered the art of swiping your life away.  Fast forward to your thirties, you are starting to accumulate what we call in the real world as “bills”.  Can you say bills boys and girls?  Going to the mailbox was something you enjoyed as a kid but now you dread it!  Work becomes a means to pay off your debt and save what little money you have left for your future.  Oh did I mention that if you decide to have kids, you become their ATM and the vicious cycle continues!

Was this depressing enough for you?  Aren’t you glad that I came back to wrap up this series?  Well if you answered yes to any of these questions then I must be doing something right.  As always, comments are welcomed.  Stay tuned for the dramatic conclusion as we wrap up this 4-part series.  I promise it will happen before 2013!



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