Life As I See It…Chapter 2

Hello there MBTC fans!  Welcome to Chapter 2 of “Life As I See It!”  For those that may have missed Chapter 1, click here to play catch up!  Before I get started, I would like to say congratulations to a few newlyweds.  Big shout out goes out to Michael & Robin and Mark & Maggie!  I wish both couples the best of luck.  Also, I would like to thank Erin K. for choosing this topic for this post.  So let’s get down to business shall we?


Young’ns: Whenever I think about this age group and how it relates to family, I envision the little cut-out’s that say you must be a certain height to ride this ride by yourself.  Whether it was a cut-out of Mickey, Goofy, or Steve the Pirate (arrrrrrrr matey).  Sorry I couldn’t resist throwing that in there.  As a young’n you wait and wait for your time to get out there and ride all by yourself.  You start to grow tired of your family telling you what you can or cannot do.  At this age many of us fail to see why we are being held off this ride.  But we are adamant that we are ready.  Even though most of us are not!

Roaring Twenties: “Finally!” best describes this age group.  I “finally” get to ride this ride.  “Finally”, I am on my own without my parents barking at me.  For some reason the Cartman quote, “I’ll do what I want” is on repeat in my brain.  This quote couldn’t be more appropriate though.  Your family will continue to try to guide you and steer you down the right path.  No more will they dictate what you can do.  It is almost like they transform from the Principal to the Guidance Counselor.  And no offense to Guidance Counselors but how often do we listen to them?  Nobody knows you better than yourself right?  Well that remains to be seen!

Thirty-Somethings: To quote Henry (Adam Scott) from Party Down, “Are we having fun yet?”  So you have been on the ride for a little bit and how does it feel?  At this age you start to see the picture your family was painting for you.  You start to understand why you were told that you can’t ride by yourself when you were younger.  As a young’n, you couldn’t wait to be out on your own.  During your roaring twenties, you get to experience your freedom.  In your thirty-somethings, you realize the importance of family.  This is usually triggered by starting a family of your own.  Many of us become rather apologetic at this age for putting our family through so much.  But the one thing we learn is that family will always be there to ride with us.

Please insert cassette number 3!  Ha-ha.  Remember those days?  Anyways that concludes Chapter 2 of this 4-part series.  Comments are always welcomed!  Feel free to tweet, hit me up on the Facebook page, or email me.  I will be selecting one fan to choose the topic for Chapter 3.  Will it be you?

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