Life As I See It

Hey there my MBTC readers. I know you are wondering where the hell I have been the last couple of weeks?  Oh you don’t care huh?  Well if you do care, I have been rather busy with weddings, house parties, b-day parties, etc.  Who knew that I would slowly get a social life again?  But in all honesty this summer has been a true moment of reflection for me.

As a person lives their life, they often believe that they have a clear view on what it all means.  This usually occurs during your teenager years as you express yourself through depressing poetry.  Oh come on we have all done it!  Don’t you dare say that you haven’t!  This also happens at the age of 21 when you think you have life by the balls.  Or even at the age of 50 when life pretty much has you by the balls.  So you are probably thinking to yourself right now, where the hell is Man Behind the Clouds taking this post?  Well at the age of 30 this is my attempt at explaining life (at 5:45 a.m.) as I see it.

Now if you are still reading this post then let me first say congratulations.  Secondly let me tell you that things may get corny, cheesy, or whatever terminology the kids are using these days.  But beneath the surface there is a message, I promise.  Imagine if you will a large amusement park (yeah I know it’s been used before) but still play along damn it!  Like any great amusement park, they can be fun for all ages (most of the time).  And what would an amusement park be without some fun rides right?  With all of this being said, I am going to breakdown how different age groups view the most popular park rides.

Before I start, I am going to need to get some music going on my iTunes.  Hmmm let’s start off with some Prince, “Beautiful Ones”.  Ok I have my playlist going.  Let’s get started! (This paragraph was totally out of left field I know!)

The age groups I will focus on will be Young’ns (13-19), Roaring Twenties (20-29), and Thirty Something’s (30-39).  From each group I will examine their perspective on the popular rides.  The rides being: Relationships, Money, Friendships, and Family! Did I mention that this will be a 4 part series?  I think I just did! Ha-ha.


Young’ns: Peaks and valleys is the best way to describe it for this age group.  When you are a young’n, you have no clue about love.  It is a rollercoaster of emotions.  One minute you are riding high and the next you feel like you may be sick.  Either way, this is the ride that you hop right back in line to ride again.  Relationships to a person in this age group is nothing but a thrill ride or rush.

Roaring Twenties: Choice is the name of the game for this age group.  A few years wiser than the Young’ns, you learn from your experiences.  You “choose” whether or not to hop on the ride.  For those that enjoyed it in the past, will love it again.  The ride itself will seem longer than you remembered as well.  However, if you are one of the people that got sick before, you may decide to hold off on riding this ride for a little while.

Thirty-Somethings: Nostalgic comes to mind when I think about this age group.  A thirty-something will walk by this ride and remember all the good or bad times he/she had.  Maybe you have found a new ride and realize that the old ride is nothing but a distant memory.  On the other hand, maybe you were scared in the past and are currently ready to get back in line to ride.  Like any popular ride, you run into the situation of “long lines”.  As you stand in line, you realize that some people have “fast passes” to get them to the front and others must wait their turn.  But patience will pay off because at the end you will realize that the ride was worth the wait and nothing to be scared of.

Stay tuned because we have more Man Behind The Clouds coming!  You won’t wanna miss Chapter 2!


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