Pegged Jeans

Welcome to another edition of “Do You Remember?”  On this edition we revisit the craze known as “Pegging”.  For those that are not familiar with this term or referred it to something else, “pegging” is when you take the cuffs of your jeans and roll them up so they are nice and tight. Please take a look at exhibit “A”.

Exhibit "A"

The secret to a great peg is to make sure that first fold before you start to roll is tight.  So tight that it borderline cuts off the circulation to your leg.  Which I am sure was a non-issue with all the tight jean wearers back in the 80’s.  Another good tip is to roll it high enough that it shows the right amount of sock (if you’re wearing them) to ankle ratio. The peg should hover over an inch or so above your ankle.

You don’t even know how many chicks I had on me whenever I walked in with my jeans all pegged up.  You were the sh*t back in the day if you rocked a pair of acid or stone washed  jeans that were freshly pegged!  I have seen some people trying to bring back the style.  But something about seeing it done with skinny leg jeans just doesn’t compare.

Here is to all the pegged pants rockers out there!  The Man Behind the Clouds salutes you!

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