Dog Owners Beware

Attention all dog owners! I am declaring war against you!  No longer will I turn a blind eye to your dog dropping its business in my yard and you failing to clean up after it! I mean seriously!  Today was the final straw!

I was outside breaking down the tents from our party and watched a little foo-foo dog drop a load.  After the dog was finished, I thought the owner would pull out one of their poop bags and pick up after their dog.  Oh but there was no bag!  There was no clean-up.  The owner just left it there and walked away.  That’s just so disrespectful.

If I could avoid potential law suits, I so would take note of where these owners live and just drop my pants and leave some of my own personal soft serve in their yards!  And once I finished, I would just look at them with a smile of relief and hope that they would say something to me.

So the moral of the damn story is pick up after your damn dogs!  If you’re too lazy to do it then don’t have a friggin’ dog!


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