Drunken Cloud

It never fails I tell you!  What the hell am I talking about you ask? I am talking about how I am always up so damn early after a night of severe drinking!  But it is all good because last night was a great time!

Since I can’t go back to sleep now, I thought I would recap the events from last night.  So listen up remaining brain cells, I need you right now!

Last night’s drunken occasion was for a good friend of mine.  We will call him Cous (pronounced cooz)!  Yesterday was his 30th b-day and it was a big surprise for him.  Perhaps it was the fact that he is 30 but he didn’t want to have a party at all.  But since we always disregard his wishes, we had one anyways and it was epic!  Now where was I?  You are going to have to bear with me and all the tangents I go on! To honor old man Cous, we had a cutoff t-shirt and mesh shorts themed celebration.  Many people actually participated and it looked like quite the classy party.  It was very reminiscent of the White Party in the Hamptons.  Did I really just say reminiscent?  Now you know the back story of the party.

Here is what I can recall from last night in bullet format…

  • Tina Tequila looking mighty fine in her cutoff and shorts!!
  • Kev dressed like a picnic table cover but still pimping the hell out of it!
  • The Crack Man belting out tunes from his greatest hits album! Songs like…
    • I Will Always Love You (Bodyguard Soundtrack)
    • Love Shack
    • Don’t Stop Believing
    • And more!  Buy it now for $19.99 and we will throw in a bonus track.  (which will probably be I Will Always Love You!)
  • Sooo much damn food!  But it was damn good food!  I brought a tray of egg rolls back to my room and we fooled around a bit!
  • The men dominating in flip cup!  I think all that HGH is finally paying off!
  • Cous and his constant nipple slips.  I felt like I was partying with Tara Reid!
  • Drink Kenneth!
  • Baby Ellie still has not blinked.  Me, you staring contest now!
  • Classic night of the Reat just “Reatin It Up”.  Someone owes us a new trophy!
  • There was freakin’ fun dip everywhere!
  • Manny’s Muddle Shop!  Everyday I’m Muddlin’
  • Kev taps into his inner black man and devours 50 wings!
  • The guest of honor was pretty much done at 9 o’clock.

Man what a great night.  Happy 30th Birthday Cous!  I hope you don’t feel like shize!  Remember you always have your couch to wallow in.  Once the 5 million people sleeping on it get off it!

Thanks for reading another installment of Man Behind the Clouds.  I am going to put some Enya on and try to fall back asleep.



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