Lets Talk Cereals-ly

What’s up my favorite MBTC readers?  Welcome to yet another wonderful post by yours truly.  I know you probably missed me like something crazy.  But don’t cry. Dry your eye!  I am back mo’fo.

So today’s post came at the request of my good friend “Crumb”.  I had posted a status update about how I am going back to my childhood by watching Spider-Man and X-men on Netflix.  A few of my friends commented on my status but one reply in particular started a great debate. Here is the topic of debate.  What cereal did you eat while enjoying your Saturday morning cartoons?

Tell me that this isn’t a great ass question.  It is just tough to think of just one.  Since I can’t limit myself to one, I am going to give a list of my favorites.

  1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Loved how the milk tasted after!
  2. Fruity Pebbles – So many different colors of pebbles. Plus the commercials with the Flintstones rocked!
  3. Cap’n Crunch – Loved the Cap’n.  His cereal wouldn’t get soggy quickly.  But it sure as hell cut the roof of your mouth!
  4. Frosted Flakes – Besides the fact that they’re grrrrrrreat, I loved all the sugar on the flakes.  Like CTC, I loved how they made the milk taste
  5. Apple Jacks – Apples in cereal?  Get out of here with that!  I don’t know how they did it but Kelloggs made it taste so damn delicious.

Now that you have heard my selections, I would love to hear yours.  Feel free to comment below or hit up the twitter account @ManBehindClouds or the Man Behind Clouds fan page!

Until next time!


One thought on “Lets Talk Cereals-ly

  1. Awesome post…I too am a guy that weighs heavily a cereal that leaves the milk more tasty. I was a Captain Crunch w/berries (though peanut butter was solid too), but Cinnamon Toast Crunch was a close second. No matter our cereal selection, I think we can all agree Saturday morning cartoons were just not right without a big bowl of something sweet in front of us.

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