MBTC and the Dating Scene

One of the topics that I have wanted to talk about was this idea of whether or not I am ready for the dating scene.  In my short time being single, I have realized that it is an interesting world out there when you are single.  Sometimes it is interesting for the better and at times it can be odd interesting.  Now, I don’t know if what I just said made a lick of sense to you,  but I know what the hell I was trying to say.  Anyways! I realize that I am about to do something that I rarely do.  What is that you ask?  I am about to give you the tour of the brain of yours truly.  But before I do, you must read this disclaimer….


Man Behind The Clouds is not legally responsible for the sick and twisted thoughts that he is about to share with you!  By reading this disclaimer, you relinquish your rights to pass judgment.  Finally, if you are interested in dating MBTC even after reading this, then go ahead and leave a comment to this article!
Well if you are still reading this, then I am glad that I didn’t scare you away.  Since my return back to New England, I have put off the whole dating scene.  Your boy MBTC was in need of a break from relationships.  Not to say that the people he was involved with were terrible people.  I just needed some time on my own.  Let me be the first to say that you learn a lot about yourself when you are alone.  One of the first things that I have discovered about me is that I am not a serial dater.  I am not the type of person that will go on several dates with chicks.   But I realize that I am not getting any younger and at some point, I will need to dive into the scary world of dating.  However your boy MBTC is quite petrified.  Why am I scared?  Well, I will be the first to tell you that when it comes to the ladies, I don’t have any game!  My friends will also be quick to agree with this statement.  But in my defense, I have no game when it comes to initiating a conversation with a female.  Maybe it is the whole fear of rejection?  But I know that I will need to overcome this fear, whatever it may be.

The other issue that I am faced with is that all my friends are either married or act like they are.  Which makes it very tough to go out and meet new people.  Seems like every event or gathering I attend with my friends there is always a lack of single ladies.  You know you’re getting old when your parties go from you and your friends binge drinking, chasing the ladies, and talking about random sh*t to children running around, pregnant women, and discussions about home ownership and the stock market.  Oh the joys of getting old!

Well I could obviously go on and on about this.  But I think I will stop boring you.  Thanks for listening to me rant.  If you managed to read this and happen to have any advice for me just let me know.  Leave some comments with tips or hit me up GMail style at manbehindtheclouds.




3 thoughts on “MBTC and the Dating Scene

  1. I can empathize MBTC. I think it’s been about two years since I’ve even been on a date!! Like you said, parties have changed and most of my friends are either married, act that way, or have kids occupying their time. Not a lot of opportunities arise to even meet single women anymore. Take those opportunities, factor in whether you’re actually gonna be interested in any of them, and then add in the approach anxiety on top of it all, and the percentage of finding someone drops even more. Looks like guys like us need to create our own situations now. Let me know if you need a wingman!!

    • it certainly is comforting knowing that I am not alone. But I am shocked with you being a huge podcast start that you don’t have the groupies knocking down your door. Someday it will happen! Thanks for commenting!

  2. When you’re ready to start dating let me know. I have a great girl for you. She picked you out of some group shots and was like “who is that!!”

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