ATT Secret Feature

So while I was in Orlando, a good friend told me about feature that AT&T has.  Apparently AT&T has not advertised this feature.  Whoa calm down, I was just about to tell you about it.  Daaaaaaamn Gina!  AT&T has this feature that gives you free Mobile to Any US Mobile calling. Yup you read right.  With this feature you can call any mobile device and not use a single minute of your plan.  I will give you time to digest what you just read……… You good?  Cool! 

Now there is a catch.  I believe you have to go with the unlimited text messaging package for $20.  Umm hello!  That’s a no brainer!  I know must of you probably text your asses off anyways.  So why wouldn’t you sign up for this!  Now I don’t know if you need to have had the unlimited messaging plan in order to qualify.  But you should definitely check your online account right now and see if you can add it!  I still don’t know why AT&T is offering this.  I mean what do they stand to gain?  Are they doing this to keep people jumping ship to Verizon?  I have no clue.  But hey you get no argument from this black man.  Especially if it means I can call any mobile device and it not eat up my minutes.  That’s almost better than a two piece and a biscuit from Popeyes.

Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself….


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