MBTC Guest Spot

What’s up MBTC faithful? Things have been pretty busy here in the clouds.  Which is always a good thing for my fans.  So a few weeks back, I was checking out my Cloud Tweets (@ManBehindClouds) and saw that one of my followers and friends wanted to post on my site.  My initial reaction was “I work alone” like something straight from a cop or superhero movie.  But then I went back to the clouds and thought it would be cool to have guest spots.

So what comes with receiving a guest spot?  Dude. You get so much ass.  I am talking boy band ass.  Haha.  But seriously, you get to say that you were featured on such a prolific site like Man Behind The Clouds.  That’s the best that I can do right now.  When this site starts to make some money, I may take you with me to the top!

Well I am very excited to introduce to our first guest spot.  All the way from Brighton Massachusetts…. Let’s give him a warm Man Behind The Clouds welcome to…  Stizod! Didn’t that sound like a comedy show intro or what?  Just for you Stiz!

Hey Kids Want Some Tweets? Follow @Stizod


If you would like a guest spot then hit me up at manbehindtheclouds@gmail.com or @ManBehindClouds.

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