The Black Nod

A couple of days ago, I was Facebookin’ with a buddy and it reminded me of this phenomenon known as “The Black Nod”.   As a black man (yeah I know you are shocked), I thought I would try to break down this concept for all my loyal readers.  What you are about to read is based on true events.  Don’t get it twisted because this phenomenon does exist.  So get your notebooks out cause I am about to school you on something…

What Up Negro?

“The Black Nod” is one of the more popular form of non-verbal communication amongst the Black community.  Scholars have attempted to trace it’s origin.  However many of them can only speculate that its roots go back to ancient Egypt.  Anyways, I digress.  Here is how “The Black Nod” works…

When Black people want to acknowledge one another’s presence they simply nod or tilt their head in an upward motion.  This is a very common occurrence if the two black people do not know one another.  It is a very effective way of saying “what’s up?” or “hello my fellow black person” without having to say a word.  Some black people like to do a single nod.  However some like to get flashy and do a double or triple nod.  Hey don’t ask me why we do it.  I’d like to believe that we are hard wired to greet our own kind in this manner.

Every culture has a method to greet or acknowledge one of their own.  Asians bow to one another.  Europeans do that kiss each cheek thing.  Black people use “The Black Nod”.  Next time you are with one of your black friends (if you have one) see how they acknowledge their own kind.  This post is dedicated to you Bottsy!

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