Jeffrey Plante

Last night, I attended a really nice benefit in honor of Jeffrey Plante.  First off all, I would like to thank the folks that organized this great event.  One of my first impressions of the event was the amazing turnout.  It was truly a heartfelt moment to see all the people come together to remember and honor such a great person.  Some of the faces I saw last night, I had not seen in 5+ years.  Just goes to show you how connected the people are in a small town setting.

Jeff Plante was an amazing person.  One minute he would be cracking you on the football field and the next he would make you crack up!  I remember the first few times I hung out with Jeff.  He had a gift of making people laugh by doing the craziest of things.  Like turning his tongue into a clam shape, doing the belly roll, or blowing bubbles off his tongue.  Man, I just had some flashbacks of him doing all of those things.  Hey when you are in elementary school this stuff is funny!  But that is the kind of person Jeff Plante was.  He could literally step into any room and be the center of attention.  The kid was a legend.  But the goofball jokester was only one side of him.  If you asked anybody in attendance last night what kind of person Jeff was, I bet they would tell you that he was a great friend, awesome athlete, and just an all around kick-ass person.

Thanks again to those folks involved with coordinating this great event.  I am glad that I attended.  Last night really showed how many people’s lives have been touched by Jeff.  I would also like to dedicate this post to the Plante family.  Hopefully last night’s event confirmed how much of an outstanding person Jeff really was.


**If you are interested in donating to the Jeffrey Plante Memorial Scholarship Fund please email me at  I will put you in contact with someone that can help**

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