Fantasy Baseball Is Here

With Major League Baseball starting today, it can only mean one thing.  Yup that’s right, it is time for Fantasy Baseball.  My buddies and I take our shit talking and high levels of testosterone and compete in epic fantasy battles.  Our journey began with our draft on March 26th.  The question that I propose to my readers is what team do you believe has the best shot of winning?  Feel free to take a look at the rosters below and share your thoughts.But allow me to share my thoughts on who are the perennial favorites to win the coveted JFL trophy.


National League Division

Tommy Belhorn  15-7
Are We Having Fun Yet 13-9
Team Perkis 12-10
Helter Skelter 11-11
Riding The Train 10-12
Wait Till Next Year 8-14

American League Division

Oprah Rich 15-7
Laser Show 14-8
Reat Skis 13-9
This Is The Year 12-10
Who The Hell Is Dylan Conley 10-12
Take It Deep 9-13

I believe that it will be a battle for the trophy.  While Tommy Belhorn is a favorite on paper, I still have a feeling that this may be the season of the Reat.  I am obviously not going to pick myself to win.  But I do have to admit that I have a pretty solid team.

Stay tuned and we shall see who will be victorious for the 2011 season of JFL-MLB.  Buckle up cause we are in it for the long haul!




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