Living Situation

One of my good friends Rushlow suggested I blog about my current living situation.  Which in my opinion is a great topic.  Since my return to New England, I have been living with my good friends Cous and College Kathy.  Now tell me if this doesn’t sound like a sitcom.  You have an Italian/Irish (acts more Italian then Irish), a crazy tiny Asian, and a big Black guy all under one roof!  We are currently receiving offers from NBC, ABC, CBS, Nickelodeon, and Telemundo.

So what does a typical day look like, you ask?  Good question.  In the mornings, College Kathy gets up first to catch the “T” into Boston so she can play god with laboratory rats.  I usually wake up next thanks to my alarm and the several Cous has set in his room (but never hears).  As for Cous, he wakes up about 10 minutes before he needs to be at work.  After a hard day’s work, we all come home to Kathy’s wonderful cooking.  Sometimes, Cous will play Chef Boyardee and whip up some chicken cutlets.  I know, I know can he be any more Italian.  Since I am a disgrace to the black community with my grilling abilities, I am limited to a few dishes.  However, I do make a killer chicken stir fry.  With our meals in tow, we gather like a family around the dinner table.  Like any family, we like to talk about each of our days.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?  We grab our plates and enjoy great television programming like Two and a Half Men (sarcasm intended).  After dinner, we usually engage in some racially charged conversations for dessert.  The night is topped off with some episodes of Friday Night Lights.  On the weekends, we usually mix it up and hit up some bars or bowling alleys with characters like the Reat and Chet.

All in all, I enjoy my living situation.  Cous runs a tight ship here.  But at least it isn’t a slave ship!  I am thankful that the weather is getting warmer though.  Can’t take another cold winter night in my room and not being able to turn on the heat.  Relax Cous, I am joking (sort of).  I love my roommates so much that I don’t see myself leaving the house for at least 20 years!


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