Approaching Women

Excuse me but could I borrow your cell phone so I can tell God that one of his angels is missing from heaven!  C’mon people do these pick up lines actually work?

Yo baby! Yo baby yo! Those are some fly hoop earrings!

I have been very curious to learn various ways of approaching women.  Now, I will be the first to tell you that I am just downright terrible when it comes to the approach.  Which in my opinion is always the toughest part.  As someone that is no expert by any means, I can only share advice that has worked for me or other people.

  1. Assess your strengths
    – Do you have a sense of humor?
    – Can you kill the ladies with your smile?
    – Are you able to carry a conversation?
    – Are you charming?
    -Do you have an abundance of useless knowledge?

    Playing to your strengths will always help with the approach part.   Use them as an icebreaker.

  2. Analyze your target
    -Scan her from head to toe
    -Observe what she is wearing
    -Pay attention to what she may be eating or drinking
    -See if she is wearing a ring
    – Take notice of her mannerisms
    – Eavesdrop into her conversation
    -Be discrete

    You will be amazed what insight you can gain through discrete observation.

  3. Pre-Approach
    – Try to find a signal (smile, giggling, playing with hair whispering to a friend)
    – Playfully smile at her
    – Gain inside information from bartender, friend, etc.
    – Visualize a point of attack

    If you can find a signal or green light at this stage, it makes the approach a little bit easier.

  4. Approach
    –  Go in with confidence not cockiness (yes there is a difference)
    –  Introduce yourself
    –  Remember your strengths and utilize them
    –  “In Order to Learn, You Must Crash and Burn”

Hey baby can I buy you a fish sandwich?

So I am very intrigued to hear your thoughts on how someone approached you that was clever or smooth!  I would also like to hear from the ladies on how they like to be approached, if at all.

Please feel free to leave comments or if you’d like to send me your responses then email me at manbehindtheclouds [at] gmail [dot] com

One thought on “Approaching Women

  1. A great opening line is to ask if she likes the “Sports Guy” from the Black & Perv show…the longest one minute sports update in webcast history!

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