Look Out Erin Andrews

There is a new sports reporting sheriff in town. Her name is “I-N-E-S” Ines, Ines, Ines.  Miss Ines Sainz is a reporter for Mexico’s TV Azteca.  You may also recognize her for proposing to Tom Brady during Super Bowl week in 2008. However, you might know her now for her alleged incident with the New York Jets.

Why Does She Have Measuring Tape?

The Azteca reporter was on site in Florham Park, NJ looking to interview Mexico’s new golden boy (sorry Oscar De la Hoya), Mark Sanchez.  Apparently, Ines Sainz is claiming that she felt “uncomfortable” while interviewing Sanchez and spending time at the Jets facility.  Claims of cat calling, whistling, inappropriate remarks, etc. are being investigated by the NFL.  Reports are also stating that Rex Ryan and assistant coach Dennis Thurman pulled the classic go long beach move and purposely throwing the ball in her direction.

Now wait just a second!  There is an opposing report that contradicts the claims made by Sainz and the Association of Women in Sports Media (AWSM).  According to a reporter the environment wasn’t hostile at all.  It goes on to also state that Ines was laughing and smiling.  Sounds like we have a classic case of he said, she said!

So what does this all mean for the stars of HBO’s Hard Knocks? Umm I don’t know and I don’t care.  I just love how this all surfaced before yesterday’s Monday Night Football game.  Did anybody else enjoy watching the Jets lose as much as I did?  Thank you Ines for creating some controversy with those New York Jets.  I have a funny feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of Ines Sainz after all this swirling controversy is put to rest.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing right?

Does My Butt Make My Jeans Look Huge?

7 thoughts on “Look Out Erin Andrews

    • i agree Crumb. thanks for commenting on this article. last time i checked my facebook page, Ines isn’t a fan.. yet!!

      • Well get on that… I can see it now, “and the first MBTC Sports Chick of the month goes to…” Sorry, still gotta stick with my girl Andrews

  1. Oh yea, I called it this morning….she’ll be next on Dancing with the Stars, Bachelorette, hell…maybe she’ll save the world with her titsass and take over Oprah!

    • hey don’t hate on Ines because she used her good looks to potentially advance her career!

      haha.. just messing with ya Gubert!

    • After further research REH311, I discovered you are correct. Thanks for doing your homework. Or were you really just looking up pictures of Ines Sainz and just happened to come across this article?

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