Farting In A Relationship

Welcome to another edition of “When Is It Ok To…?”

Today I ask the question… When is it ok to fart in front of someone you dating?

In my opinion, I would say that at least 6 months into the relationship.  Six months gives you more of enough time to gauge the temperature of the relationship.  If  he/she can put up with your sh*t (pun intended) for that period of time, I think they are more than comfortable with you.  So consider that a green light to let it rip!  But me personally, I avoid farting in front of someone I am dating at all costs.

Now I am sure that many of you are thinking that is way too long or not long enough.  So please leave a comment with your answers and opinions.  I am rather interested to hear your responses!

One thought on “Farting In A Relationship

  1. Its never OK to do it on purpose…. if it happens by accident, sh*t happens and forgiveness is in order. Too many people get a little too comfortable with their partner in a relationship, then later wonder where all the sizzle in the sex life went. They don’t realize that fades the moment you starting treating your woman or man like they are your military bunkmate.

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