Quitting In Style

So I thought as a way to engage my fans (and kill some time), I would answer fan mail.

Bree (Orlando, FL) writes:

Dear Man Behind the Clouds,

Due to the flight attendant quitting and the chick quitting via emailed pics of her and a dry erase board, I wanted to ask you and your followers crazy ways they quit their job? Or at least ways you daydreamed of quitting?

Well I am not gonna do.. what you think I’m gonna do.. and just FLIP OUT! Ha-ha.  Just had a Jerry Maguire moment.  Good question Bree.  While I haven’t quit a job so dramatically like Stephen Slater (JetBlue flight attendant) or Jenny/Elyse Porterfield (Dry Erase Board  girl) but I have thought about clever ways to quit.

  1. Setup a hidden webcam in your boss’ office that would either broadcast live to UStream or record enough footage to create a YouTube video.  Hopefully you can catch them in the act of doing something crazy or embarrassing. Then send the link in an email to everybody at the company with an “I Quit” subject
  2. Wait for a very important meeting and hire a stripper (guy for male boss and woman for female boss).  Then watch them try to talk their way out of that one.
  3. Take a picture of your ass.  Create a custom frame that says “Kiss It Goodbye”.   An added bonus would be to superglue the frame to their desk.
  4. Find a naughty bakery and get a cake with a giant penis on it.  Also make sure it says… “This Job Sucks A Big..” Then have the cake delivered to the office.

Well I hope those were some funny ideas.  If you have a funny quit story or have a creative idea on how to quit, then please leave a comment.

Thanks Bree for a great email.

If you would like Man Behind the Clouds to read your fan mail then email me your questions, comments, ideas, etc to manbehindtheclouds@gmail.com!

Please know that these are just merely ideas.  I do not condone anybody actually using my ideas.  But if you do then Man Behind the Clouds will not be responsible.  However I will feel flattered that you thought my ideas were good enough to steal.

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