Inception Review

It seems like folks are still buzzing about Inception.  Now I know the movie has been out for close to a month now but I felt the need to write my review now more than ever.

Inception is another clever creation of writer/director Christopher Nolan (Memento, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Prestige). The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a criminal mastermind named “Cobb”.  Thanks to technology, Cobb possesses the unique talent of stealing secrets from the subconscious mind during the dream state (aka “Extracting”).  Hence the movie tag line, ” Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Crime”.  Since extracting is highly illegal, Cobb is deemed a fugitive.  Like all wanted men, he has been forced to give up the life he once knew.  However Cobb’s luck changes when he is contacted by a wealthy business man about the heist of a lifetime.  The job consists of not stealing secrets from the subconscious but the virtually impossible task of planting an idea (aka “Inception”).  Cobb must assemble a team of cohorts to pull off the job of all jobs.  If successful Cobb gets to have his old life back.

In my opinion, Nolan has delivered another masterpiece with Inception.  The storyline while confusing to some is well thought out.  He is the ultimate story teller.  While most films replace a great storyline/plot with CGI and special effects, it is a breath of fresh air to see a movie that has a story of substance behind it.  I also enjoyed the fact that Leo had to assemble a team of people with special talents.  It reminded me of a fusion between The Avengers and Oceans 11.

The acting in this movie was superb.  While Leo plays the same character in every film, I was more impressed by Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  In my opinion, these two actors branched out from their typical roles.  Especially Gordon-Levitt.  He has come a long way from 3rd Rock From the Sun.  The supporting cast was perfectly filled.  I also give a nod to Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine, and hell even Tom Berenger.  I mean come on he hasn’t been in anything good since Major League.  The character interactions and dialogue was well written and acted out by this cast.

Like some Christopher Nolan films, you find yourself debating about what you just saw.  Oh I know you were arguing with your friends about the ending.  Don’t even pretend!  But I have developed my own theory on Nolan’s work.  Consider his movies like artwork or poetry.  You are entitled to your own interpretation.  Just because it is different than the next person doesn’t make it wrong!

Now if you haven’t seen Inception then I would go see it now.  This movie is so thought provoking that you can’t just see it once.  Please comment with your thoughts and interpretations of the movie!

The MBTC gives Inception 5 clouds out of 5

"You Talk About A Weird Wet Dream"

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    • Whats up Co-Star?? Thanks for leaving some comment love! It was a great movie indeed! Feel free to continue to spread the good word about the Man Behind the Clouds!

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