My Hip Hop Posse

As a fan of hip hop music, I thought of five people that I would love to have in my posse and the reasons why. So check out my list and if you don’t like it then leave comments with your list of 5 posse members.

I know I am going to catch some static for this choice but just hear me out. The reason why I’d choose Timbaland to be in my posse is because the guy makes sick beats and hooks. He happens to be one of the best producers out there. So when I need a sick beat to spit over, I won’t need to go very far.

Who else is going to bring in all the ladies for the posse? Nobody other than Drizzy. While I can’t put my finger on why the females go crazy but not going to rack my brain over it. Plus on top of that he is a double threat on a track. The boy can sing a hook or spit a few bars.

Lil Wayne
Come on now I can’t believe I have to explain why I’d have Lil Wayne in the posse. He is the hottest hip hop artist right now. While he may not be the best lyricist, he’s still a beast on a track. If you see a track with Lil Wayne on it, you’re guaranteed a hit!

The king of controversy is a must have in any posse. Em is one of those dudes that has that fire. His lyrics are bonkers. He can rap with the greats. And he is just one of those guys you’d rather have on your side then be up against.

Another no brainer. One of the best hip hop artists of all time. The way he flows is just untouchable. He is one of those guys that makes you want to step your game up and try to be on their level. Plus where Jay-Z is at, Beyonce ain’t too far away!

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