It’s Too Damn Hot

What’s up all my faithful followers? Hope everybody is doing lovely. I am writing this post from the hot and sinful Las Vegas. Why am I in Vegas you ask? Well I am out here for my parents 50th b-day celebration. So we got the family from LA here and we are just doing the damn thing! Can I just tell you how hot it is here? It was 117 degrees here yesterday. Now before you say, “but MBTC (Man Behind the Clouds) it is dry heat”! My response to that is I don’t give a rat’s ass. Hot is hot. Anything over 100 degrees is insanely hot.

But anyways, I wanted to take this opportunity to play catch up on most of the happenings in my life. First of all, I’d like to say that I am seeking employment. So if you are looking for someone with great marketing talents and is a hard worker then hit me up! At first, I was kind of shocked when I was laid off. I didn’t know how to respond because it so was unexpected. However, I wish my previous employer the best. It was truly a great working experience for me. The time has come for me to take my talents elsewhere. No I am not going to South Beach like LeBron. I want to make my own legacy not piggy back off someone else. Anyways I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah taking my talents somewhere else. My search was limited to staying here in Orlando. However, I am entertaining opportunities in Massachusetts as well. At this point I have to widen my search a bit. It would be really cool to go back and work in Massachusetts. Realistically that is the only other place I could relocate. It took me forever to get acclimated to Orlando. When I moved here, I had my family and that was it. No friends to hang out with on the weekends. So yeah I was a big loser when I got down there. But I was able to make it work. It took me several years but I did it. However the process took time and energy from me. Basically what I am getting at is that I’m unsure if I have it within me to start fresh again in an unfamiliar city. But I will definitely keep you posted as to what happens with me.

Being unemployed has allowed me to travel quite a bit this summer. I have had two weddings in Massachusetts and I am here in Vegas. When I return I have another wedding in August. Hopefully my friends will chill out with scheduling weddings so close to each others. Just in case you are reading this Kevin, Lefty, and Nino… thanks!! Now the least you can do is help me find a job in Mass so I don’t have to fly up and down so often. But in all seriousness, I have been enjoying the weddings. Especially when the DJ is playing the tunes that get this black man all excited. Here are some highlights..

  1. Getting shown up  on the dance floor by little Tyrone at Kev’s wedding
  2. Drinking with the bride still in her wedding dress
  3. Dance off with Brogan at Leftys
  4. Sweating through the back of my shirt in the church
  5. The sausage that looked like poop outside someone’s room
  6. We forgot the damn cooler
  7. Forcing Kenneth to choose between sleeping with Nick or me
  8. Kenneth deciding to sleep on the floor

Well until next time…

On the next edition of MBTC…

  • Babies babies babies
  • Davis moves to VA
  • Review of Inception
  • My techno list

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