Gladiator 2: Robin Hood

The legendary tale of Robin Hood was told yet again on the big screen in 2010.  However this vision was delivered by critically acclaimed director Ridley Scott.  Yes the same Ridley Scott that brought you Aliens, Black Hawk Down, and Gladiator 1.  What’s that you say?  They only made one Gladiator.  Oh that is where you are wrong.  I consider the weak attempt of portraying Robin Hood as a second installment of Gladiator.

First of all, I knew this movie would be doomed from the start by having Russell Crowe play Robin Hood.  I understand that Ridley has a man crush on the guy but seriously?  Don’t think that I am bashing Russell because I am not.  I loved him in Gladiator 1 and in American Gangster.  But you cannot channel Maximus from Gladiator and play Robin Hood.  Robin Hood has always been a smooth customer.  Russell was a little too abrasive and rugged to play Robin.  In my opinion, Kevin Costner played a great Robin Hood character.  Hell even Cary Elwes played a great Robin in the spoof Robin Hood Men in Tights.

I found myself falling asleep due to the drawn out story and lack of action.  You kind of figured with Ridley Scott directing this movie that there would be more action sequences.  Hell even throw in a quick love scene or something to keep me excited.. err I mean interested.

I give this movie a generous 2 clouds out of 5.

I must've taken a wrong turn somewhere. This doesn't look like the Roman Coliseum!

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One thought on “Gladiator 2: Robin Hood

  1. I hate when Hollywood sells a film strictly to sell tickets for Pt. 2…and this Robion Hood is just that. Furthermore don’t sell me an action flick and then give me a chick flick in disguise, there was wayy to much estrogen flowing through this film. I should’ve guessed when Russell threw his PMS fit over questions regarding his accent (Sorry Russ, you sounded more William Wallace than William Longshanks). Love Crowe as an actor (though he got robbed on Beautiful Mind), like most Scott films, like the story of Robin Hood we all know and love, but was seriously disappointed by this take. Will I see the sequel? Hell yeah, I already invest 2 hours in this series so I’ve gotta hope it picks up.

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