Fill In The Clouds is Back

Back by popular demand (so far 3 votes!) is everybody’s favorite game.  If you are not familiar with the Fill in the Clouds game then you are in for a treat.  It is very simple to play.  Here are the rules again.  I will post up a picture with conversation clouds.  Then I will give you the name of the characters involved.  It is then up to you to create a funny dialogue between the two characters and what they are doing in the picture.  I will decide the winner.  But here is the twist.  The winner this time will receive a random gift card.  Are you ready to play?  I sure hope so because this picture is definitely hilarious.

On the left we have Clay and on the right we have Neil Patrick.  Enjoy!!


5 thoughts on “Fill In The Clouds is Back

  1. Clay: This doesn’t look gay right? If I close my eyes, this won’t be gay.
    Neil Patrick: Ha! I knew he was gay! My fantasy is coming true!

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