When Is It Ok To

question mark cloudI wanted to try out a new segment and see how well it works.  Now let me explain how this segment works.  The concept is quite simple.  I will pick a subject and ask when is it ok to?  After I pick the subject, I will share my theory as to when it is ok.  Pretty self explanatory.

Let’s start off with an easy one.  When is it ok to fart in front of your girlfriend/boyfriend?  I personally will say that it isn’t ok.  To this very day, I have not intentionally farted in front of my girlfriend.  Call me crazy but I just feel very weird doing it.  Plus if I eat the wrong thing, I think my farts could kill or at least knock a person unconscious.  But if I had to say when it is ok, I would have to say a minimum of 3 months into the relationship.  I think farting is one of those things that you have to feel comfortable with the person you are with.  I know some guys do not think twice before ripping ass.  But hey we are guys.  I don’t know why but there is just something not natural when a woman does it.  Call it a double standard or whatever but it is what it is.  With that being said, I believe the ladies may wait twice as long before dropping the “Q-bomb”.  Oh yeah I did just call it the “Q-bomb”.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about.

Well anyways, I’m very curious to hear some feedback from my readers out there.  Please leave a comment  and let me know when it is ok to fart in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend.


p.s. Don’t forget to tell your friends about my blog.

4 thoughts on “When Is It Ok To

  1. I don’t think it’s a big deal if a guy does it, unless if it is done while eating.
    But a girl should NEVER do it unless she is super sick or prego. I always like the quiet farts that u can pull off with ease.

  2. as always breelee thanks for sharing your insight to this rather important subject. i also wanted to thank you for your indepth dissertation on q-bombs. i can only hope that all my male readers out there are listening.

    i am shocked that jeff myers had nothing to say about this post. he strikes me as an expert when it comes to farting! lucky you!


  3. I must say this is an out there topic………but here we go!!! In my opinion it’s kinda part of the package. Men fart and women need to realize that if it’s coming out and the guy let’s it go than he obviously feels comfortable with you. I would have to say time frame wise is tough though. It all depends on the girl and the relationship. I think an average time frame would be around 4 months but then again I didn’t wait a month with Bree but hey….she is my wife now so maybe that was the key!!!! Men don’t be shy, rip ass as soon as you r ready and deep down the ladies will love it.

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