AFC North Predictions

Man I really need to wrap this up.  Since two teams are squaring off tonight.  So I figured to buy me some time that I would do the AFC North, the home of the Super Bowl champs.  Well enjoy!!

AFC North

pit Pittsburgh Steelers:  Congrats are in order to the Super Bowl champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I must say that it was quite an entertaining game to watch.  I also would like to thank them for helping me win $300 bucks!  This year’s team seems to be very similar to last year’s.  The Steelers will definitely win the AFC North with their tough defense and their ground and pound offense.  The offense will be led by Ben Roethlisberger. Will have a backfield by committee with Rashard Mendenhall and Willie Parker.  The wide receivers are still very solid and reliable thanks in part to Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes.  What will be interesting is the controversy surrounding Roethlisberger’s alleged rape case.  At first it seemed like it was resolved.  However recent requests by the alleged victim will probably cause some distractions in the Steelers locker room.  If Ben can block out the media, I think the team will be alright.  Regardless, I have the Steelers finishing with a 11-5


Baltimore Ravens:  Another team that has the same concept as the Pittsburgh Steelers would be the Baltimore Ravens.  They are a hard hitting, bust your ass, and ask questions later kind of organization.  However unlike Pittsburgh, they were not able to keep their defensive unit in tact.  They suffered a couple of huge losses in Bart Scott and their defensive mastermind Rex Ryan.  However I think the Ravens defense will still crack skulls.  The real key to Baltimore’s success rests on the shoulder and arm of Joe Flacco and the offense.  Entering his second season, Flacco will have to prove yet again that he is a solid QB.  Not too many QB’s in the history of the NFL have put together a solid rookie and sophomore season.  Also factored into the equation will be Ray Rice, Willis McGahee, and Derrick Mason.  If this offense can stay healthy and produce, the Ravens will be in business this year.  They still will fall short to the Steelers for the AFC North.  But will end up with a solid 10-6 season.

cinCincinnati Bengals:  Carson Palmer is back.  Carson Palmer is back.  That is all I seem to read about lately.  While getting Carson Palmer back will certainly help.  But come on this is the Bengals we are talking about.  The offense will certainly be able to put some points on the board but not nearly enough to win critical games.  I am sure Chad Johnson err excuse me Chad Ochocinco will be certainly glad to have Carson back.  Look for big things out of Ochocinco (man that is really funny calling him that).  But Chad will learn quick that he doesn’t have TJ Houshmandzadeh drawing some attention from opposing defenses.  I think his departure will hurt.  However if Chris Henry can stay out of trouble he may step in and make a huge impact.  The real challenge is on the defensive side of the ball because they have a very young squad.  I believe the Bengals will see a dramatic improvement from last year.  Which will lead them to a 9-7 record.

cleCleveland Browns:  Congrats on finally naming your starting quarterback.  At the same time I don’t think it is going to matter for all you Browns fans.  Two seasons ago they managed to shock teams and win against some tough opponents.  Then they just completely sh*t the bed last season.  As far as this season goes, I don’t see them getting any better.  They have some issues on both sides of the ball.  Lets start with the defense.  I honestly couldn’t tell you who is on their defense.  It is just that bad.  But what may save them is their new coach Eric Mangina.  Excuse me Eric Mangini.  I think he will help out the defense a little bit. His knowledge can really only help this team not so much hurt it.  Lets look at the offensive side.  They have some promising talent on the offensive side.  But still lack a game changer.  Brady Quinn has been selected to lead Braylon Edwards, Jamal Lewis, and company.  But I just don’t see them winning several games with their offensive squad.  I have a feeling that the QB controversy will not be over.  Which can really hurt the offense because there isn’t any consistency.  Sorry Cleveland but I see you are in for a long season.  I think they will squeak out a few games and go 5-11.

Alright football fans enjoy the game tonight!  I will wrap up with the AFC East.  Home of the greatest team in all of the land.  That’s right my New England Patriots.

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