Ok Soda

I was talking with some of my friends one day and they were talking about some of my blog posts!  Yes I do have friends that actually read my blog.  Anyways the whole time they were talking I was thinking of topics to post about.  And then out of nowhere I came up with another Do You Remember topic.  How many of you people remember OK soda?  Now most of you may not have heard of it because of living outside of the test market areas.  After doing some research on Wikipedia I discovered that Coke tested this product in select areas.  But anyways back to the soda.  It was released by Coke.  All I remember were the crazy ads and the toll free number.  They were some freaky commercials.  I also remember seeing this stuff in grocery stores and wondering what the hell it tastes like.  The commercials never gave any indication as to what kind of soda it was.  Is it a cola?  Flavored soda?  Nobody knew!  Until you tasted it.  In theory it seemed like a great idea.  Coke certainly played into people’s curiosity.  However once you actually tasted it you understood why they the ads never told you what it tastes like.  Because to me, Ok soda tasted like crap!  However it created a buzz within the U.S. as to what was in the soda.  People can only speculate what the ingredients were in Ok.  I have heard that they mixed all the Coke products and came up with Ok soda.  Another explanation was a combination of orange soda and flat Coke.  Whatever it was that was in Ok soda obviously didn’t taste well.  Ok soda managed to fizzle out after two years.

ok soda

R.I.P. OK. Soda (1993-1995)

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