MMS comes to iPhone

September 25th:  Step Aside SMS and Hello MMS

September 25th: Step Aside SMS and Hello MMS

Who else remembers the promise given by AT&T to enable iPhone users to send picture messages (MMS)?  Do you remember that they promised to have it by summer?  Well AT&T finally announced that on September 25th, iPhone owners will no longer have to use that piece of sh*t view my message website to view their picture messages.  Not only will you receive them, you will be able to send them out.  Now please excuse me if I am not overly excited.  Because I have a feeling that a few things are going to happen.  Once September 25th rolls around people are going to go crazy and send a ton of picture messages.  Well since there are millions of people that own iPhones, you can only imagine how much of a burden that is going to be on their already piece o’ sh*t network.  So I have a feeling that there will be a fair share of people that will experience problems with sending their multimedia messages.  I also can see them increasing the prices for text messages as a way to cover their costs with building the infrastructure to support this feature.  I am calling it right now that it will be cheaper to buy crack then to send picture messages.  The other thing that pisses me off is how does AT&T state that they will have this feature in the summer and it is friggin September.  I believe the first day of fall starts on September 22nd.  Ask any student and they will tell you when summer is over.  I bet their answer would be when their asses have to go back to school.  So instead of teasing us with release dates how about you overestimate the release.  That way if the release date is way before your estimate release date then it gets everybody excited.  So stop playing with our emotions AT&T!  Oh one more thing for you AT&T!  Tethering better be right around the corner!!!

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