AFC South Predictions

Oh man I can smell the football season.  They really need to cut the preseason by a game or two.  I am friggin salivating for pro football to start.  Anyways lets get started with the AFC South.

AFC South

ind Indianapolis Colts:  Now I know what you are thinking!  How is it that I pick the Colts to win their division this year?  Especially after the stellar performance of the Titans this year.  Well these are my predictions and I don’t see the Titans repeating their performance from last year.  Now I know the Colts are dealing with a few departures but I still believe they have one of the best QB’s in the league in Peyton Manning.  I think  with him steering the offensive ship with Joseph Addai, Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark, the Colts will win their division.  Plus they landed a pretty good running back in Donald Brown from UConn.  The key to their success will be on the shoulders of their defense.  But I think Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders will lead their troops.  Even with the loss of head coach Tony Dungy and wide receiver Marvin Harrison will end up with a 10-6 record.

ten Tennessee Titans:  They had a hell of a run last year!  But I think the honeymoon is over for the Titans.  If you are a Titans fan be ready for this to happen.  Kerry Collins came out of Alcoholics Anonymous to lead the Titans to a hell of a season.  But he will not be able to repeat his stellar performance.  When has Kerry Collins ever had two great consecutive seasons?  Take your time I’ll wait.  Anyways they do have a great one-two punch at running back with Chris Johnson and LenDale White.  I believe that their wide receivers are average.  I also expect to see the wildcat package here soon from the Titans.  Also look out for Vince Young to get his starting job back.  I believe the offense will be alright.  I wonder how the loss of Albert Haynesworth will affect the Titans D.  Anyways I see the Titans ending the regular season with a 9-7 record.

hou Houston Texans:  Here is a team that has a ton of potential.  Every year I hear analysts talk about how this is the year the Texans make it to the playoffs.  Once again they are buzzing about the playoffs.  I just don’t see it for the Texans.  For some reason, I can’t point out what the Texans are missing.  But they are one player or two from making the playoffs.  They have a serviceable quarterback in Matt Schaub.  A stud at the wide receiver position with Andre Johnson and a solid pass catching and rushing back with Steve Slaton.  So you know the offense can put points up on the board.  However injuries always seem to “hurt” (pun intended) this team.  On defense they have a beast in Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans.  I know that their defense will help them squeak out a few W’s.  But I do see injuries happening and causing this team to go 8-8.

jac Jacksonville Jaguars:  It is going to be another long season for Jag fans.  I often scratch my head with some of the personnel decisions made by the Jags.  Now I know they caught a bad break with their offensive line.  But how often is that going to happen?  But Jag fans are screaming for a solid option at wide receiver!  All they could get was Torry Holt.  Now don’t get me wrong Holt is a great receiver but he is aging and the Jags need a young stud receiver.  They haven’t had a solid wide receiver since Jimmy Smith.  You know your passing game is going to suffer when your leading receiver amasses 761 yards.  It makes it tough on 3rd and long and David Garrard has to sling it and hope that his receiver comes down with it.  Oh by the way that leading receiver had a little bit of a crack problem and will not be on the team next year.  Anyways their saving grace rests on the shoulder (and legs) of Maurice Jones Drew.  The Jags defense will hold up thanks to solid play by Mike Peterson and Rasheen Mathis.  But they will have their work cut out for them if the offense can’t get going.  I see the Jags clinging to a 7-9 record.

Man this NFL prediction stuff is starting to get time consuming.  But I have the AFC North and AFC East left.  Stay tuned!

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