4 thoughts on “Spank Your Kids Update

  1. And the girl was fine. This world is getting so crazy. You would have to take parenting classes once a month when you r pregnant to keep your baby. I would do it.

  2. Not sure about slapping her in the face, but definitely an example of another parent that has learned to tune their little shitheads out, no caring that most of those around her haven’t built up the same tolerance. People should start doing this around the country. Maybe even sprinkle in a little “don’t be a pussy!” depending on their reason for crying.

    • all i am saying is that in order to prevent random people from stepping in to your business.. you better damn sure take care of it before somebody else does. you never want to be that parent in public that doesn’t do anything and lets your kid run around like a tasmanian devil!!

  3. Damn straight. If you don’t take care of your business, there are other people out there willing to take care of it for you. Don’t contact the authorities. Thank them.

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