Howl at the Moon

I have to start off by saying congratulations to Breelee and Jeff on their engagement.  I hope that the two of you remain happy for a long time.  Even when your genitalia gets old and wrinkly.  Oh man that was a graphic thought.  So let me go ahead and continue blogging.  On Saturday I was out  celebrating what will be known as Breelee’s last night of freedom.  We were drinking and singing our butts off.  For those that have never been to Howl at the Moon, you should definitely go at least once in your lifetime.  Especially if you have never been to a dueling pianos bar.  They are quite entertaining.  Well at Howl at the Moon you can pay money to have phrases written on the mirrors.  Thanks to Bree I was able to get advertising for my website.  I also realized that I have gained another fan.  So it brings me great pleasure to introduce my latest fan, Rachie D.  She has been a fan of mine since my Weather Report days on MySpace.  I hope that Rachie will continue to show her support now that she knows about my blog.  Also Bree if you could pry Tracy away from sucking fat toes maybe you could get her to read it as well.


Certainly Worthy of the Phrase of the Nite!!

One thought on “Howl at the Moon

  1. Thanks for the RACHIE D shout out! I am and always be a fan. Keep them coming weather man and I will keep on reading. (and laughing my ass off)

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