35a7721c-0033-48e0-a405-0625cac3ab62Remember when AOL Instant Messenging (AIM) was the sh*t?  Because I certainly do.  I can tell you I would spend countless hours in high school and college on that thing.  AIM was popular before Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.  I loved the fact that it was instant gratification.  The only catch is that they would have to be at their computer as well.  With it being so addicting this was never an issue.  Hell I remember many times where I should have been studying.  But instead I am just typing away to my friends on my buddy list.  You were not cool if you didn’t have an AIM screen name.  Instead of exchanging phone numbers people would give out their screen names.  AIM was so addicting that I would jokingly have conversations to people in the next room over.  Sometimes, I would have them with people sitting at their computer right next to me.

I miss the days of adding people to my buddy lists, posting away messages, and reading other people’s away messages.  Ahhh those were the days.  I remember the feeling of joy coming back from class and noticing that I had some messages to read.  Hell I even used it to score dates.  Hey when you have a hard time asking ladies face to face it makes it a hell of a lot easier.  Trust me.  Consider it a step up from passing notes that say do you like me circle yes or no!  As AIM progressed and became more popular you could do crazy things like send pictures or files.  Which opened the door to even more interesting conversations.  They also had a feature that allowed you to just talk into a microphone and you can hear there voice.  Hey this was before they perfected web cams.

It brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear people say that they still use AIM.  I think with each passing year it becomes a thing of the past.  But I will always remember the joy and pleasure AIM’ing brought to me.  If I am not alone then please share your fond memories of AOL Instant Messenger.  Perhaps we could start a movement to bring it back!  How cool would that be?

One thought on “AIM

  1. Dude, maybe I’m the loser here, but I’m still on AIM and use it on a daily basis. I still even occasionally get into like 3 conversations at once!! I’d be all for the movement of bringing it back hardcore the way it was in the past.

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