Mediocre Time

tom and danSo my friends Bree and Jeff turned me on to this podcast called a Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.  After listening to several of their podcasts they thought I could do one myself.  Which is what led to me posting about podcasting last week.  Since I am in the research stage of podcasting, I thought I would listen to a few shows.  These guys are pretty funny.  If you like ramblings about topics (like I do) then you should certainly check them out.  But anyways, I thought it would be cool to send them an email and ask them for some tips and what not.  Keep in mind I wasn’t expecting a response at all.  It was about 10 or so this morning, I get a call from my buddy Jeff.  I didn’t answer but noticed he left a voice mail.  After a few hours elapsed, I decided to see what the hell he wanted.  He was all giddy in his voice mail and was saying that Tom and Dan had responded to my email on their show.

So I listen to the podcast and sure enough Tom and Dan were blasting me on their show.  Unlike most people I do have a sense of humor and loved the rants they had from my email.  I also wanted to thank them for plugging my blog.  Tom and Dan were cool enough to give me some tips to podcasting as well.  You have gained another listener.  Which should help with improving your black audience! Ha-ha.

4 thoughts on “Mediocre Time

  1. Amediocretime posted a link to this page from Twitter (obviously the Twitter account for the show). It’s funny how things spread. I clicked the link because I listen to every episode and I remembered your voice mail and I wanted to see what you had to say. Being in your space will give me more information about you than I could ever get if you were to call in on a future episode (which is a lot of the fun of it, as you know). After reading a couple of your entries past the one I came for, I’ve bookmarked your blog. This would be my first one too. usually, I just click on links people leave to unknown bloggers’ pages. In short: You keep listening and I’ll keep reading.


    • Etchie,

      I appreciate the support and shout out. I will certainly keep listening. Hey if you need a black man’s perspective let me know. I smell a new segment for your show!! ha-ha! I welcome topics to blog about. So if you got somethings cropping up in the dome let me know!!

      -MBTC (Man Behind the Clouds)

    • Toasty,

      Thanks for the heads up. I will certainly check out some of the other podcasts. Be ready because I may have some questions here soon as I start to gear up for it.

      I also appreciate the support bro! Thanks for stopping by!

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