Spank Your Kids


But I want to read!! Johnny don't make me count to 3..

So I was sitting in the airport the other day and witnessed a kid throwing a fit like no other.  What was the parents doing?  Absolutely nothing.  So instead of the parents fulfilling their parental responsibilities they let their pain in the ass child continue to scream.  Does anybody else see anything wrong with this?  I find it very f*cking annoying when parents let their kids control them.  Have you ever been in public somewhere and watch kids throw fits?  I find it hilarious when parents use the counting method.  Alright little Johnny don’t make me count to three.  1… 2… 2.5.. 3… I am sure Johnny is threatened by your ability to count to three.  What kills me is that when the parents do reach three and they do absolutely nothing.   I am sorry but I grew up on getting spanked by my parents.  How many other people know exactly what I am talking about?  I never really got spanked much as a kid.  But I knew better to act out because when I did my mom or dad would whoop my hiny!  I am a firm believer in spanking your children.  I know that some parents take it too far but it does help disclipine children.  I often get sick of hearing kids blaming their miserable lives on the fact that their parents spanked them.  Now I understand that there are kids out there that do get physically abused by their parents.  But there is a huge difference between punishing your children when they act out and beating your children for no reason.  The other thing that kills me is hearing people say what is wrong with today’s youth?  Well I can tell you my theory.  Not one of these snot nose brats have been spanked.  I love the fact that my parents did discipline me when they had to.  While I hated being whooped by my dad’s leather belt or my mom’s brass shoe horn but I know today why they did it.  One thing I do remember is after my spanking my parents would always say that they did this because they love me.  Back then I thought to myself yeah right.  If you love me so much you wouldn’t have spanked me.  But now I know exactly what they meant.  I just don’t understand the world we live in sometimes.  I understand children have rights but they should also have the right to be spanked when they get out of line.  But hey I don’t make the rules.  However I know that when my kids get out of line you better believe that they will be punished.  Don’t expect a countdown.

5 thoughts on “Spank Your Kids

  1. Hey Mike! I do agree with you.. One slap on the hand, or the butt is reasonable.. There is also the nap, no tv,or taking away the possibility of a toy or event they were hoping for.. etc.. I think it all depends on the child. I don’t want to “beat” or hit them like I was.. but I think a spank here and there is not the end of the world..

    • A slap on the hand or butt is certainly reasonable. Especially if the little bugger has it coming. I agree that it depends on the child but not every child is an angel. I don’t care what anybody says.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I agree with you 100%. But if you don’t believe in spanking here are a few helpful hints to a well behaived kid. 1. Take them out after their nap (your kids a bitch when they are sleepy) 2. Talk about the rules and expectations before hand 3. Mean what you say and say what you mean 4. When they are getting out of line use a clean firm voice and tell them what to do (put the toy down here and move that way) 4. If they are too young to understand your expectations and follow them…. DON’T take them out with u. Find somebody to watch them while u run around town. And 5. Give them a roll to play (help mommy find the ________ or bring them something to play with from home.

  3. Abso-fucking-lutely spank the kid. Otherwise they’ll grow up without knowing that the decisions they make have consequences. And moreover I propose some sort of laws that hold parents responsible for not controlling their kids in public. My parent would have been embarassed beyond belief had I done that when I was a kid. But parents today seem to have no sense of that, so the law/police might need to help them along.

    • I love the comment! I concur that some sort of law is in order. To go a step further, I propose a law that the parent gets first crack to disclipine their child. If they refuse then someone authorized or trained should be able to punish them.

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