NFC North Predictions

Alright  all you central time zoners it is time for my predictions for the NFC North.

NFC North

minMinnesota Vikings:  Anybody else tired with this whole Brett Favre ordeal during the offseason?  If you weren’t then please crawl out of the cave you were in the entire time.  Every time Sportscenter was on it was all Brett Favre contemplates a come back with the Vikings.  Oh wait this just in Favre has diarrhea.  Let’s see if his poop is in the shape of the Vikings logo.  I was so tired of this whole sh*t.  I loved how Jared Allen spoke out about how he had enough with Brett.  I mean it really took away from the team’s focus.  But I digress.  The Vikes still have one of the best running backs in the league today.  Adrian Peterson plays a major role in getting that offense going.  Now many skeptics will say that there still are some issues at QB.  Well I think Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are decent quarterbacks.  Decent will do when your defense is awesome.  It helps knowing that you don’t have to put many points on the board.  They drafted Percy Harvin who is quite the utility man on the field.  I will be interested to see how the Vikings use him.  I believe that a 10-8 season will easily be enough to lock this division down.

chi Chicago Bears:  For the first time in a long time they actually have a reasonably talented QB.  But while they may have landed a QB they failed to put anything around him.  Jay Cutler will be ten times better than having Grossman or Orton.  He will look like an all-star compared to what Chicago is use to.  But someone needs to tap Cutler on the shoulder and tell him that he isn’t throwing to Brandon Marshall or Eddie Royal.  But instead he is throwing to Devin Hester.  A guy that is still green when it comes to playing wide receiver.  Hester has the potential to put up numbers with Cutler at the helm.  Same goes for their tight end, Greg Olson.  They still have somewhat of a solid running game with Matt Forte.  Like the Vikings, the Bears defense will keep them in close games.  The offense just needs to put up some points.  I believe the Bears will finish 8-8 with their tough schedule.

gnbGreen Bay Packers:  I really don’t have much to say about the Packers.  They drafted BJ Raji from Boston College and that is really about it.  It is another year for Aaron Rodgers to take snaps.  In all fairness, he didn’t do bad with what was in front of him.  Ryan Grant will try once again to invigorate the running game for the Pack.  Green Bay will still have Donald Driver and Greg Jennings at the receiver positions. If I am not mistaken their roster is almost identical except for their draft picks.  I am going out on a limb that they will have a sub par season and go 7-9.  All of which I base on their easy schedule.

det2Detroit Lions:  Wow what can I say about a team that went undefeated in losses?  Other than I hope they don’t repeat last year’s efforts!  So the Lions had the number one pick locked down I think after week 8 or so.  With that pick they took Matthew Stafford.  Hey most people think that Stafford is under a ton of a pressure.  I respectfully disagree.  All he has to do is win one game and he will be the hero of Motown.  But Stafford must prove to the coaching staff that he deserves to start over the veteran Daunte Culpepper.  I have a feeling that Daunte will start the first couple of weeks.  If they see the same result from last year, we will see Stafford really quickly.  I also believe that Stafford will come around the week they play the Rams or something and look like a hero.  Both QB’s do have the luxury of throwing to the beast known as Calvin Johnson.  This kid can flat out play.  If he can stay healthy and focused, he will help them win games.  With Kevin Smith fresh off his rookie debut, I expect to see him shine like his days at UCF.  If the defense can step up their play I can see the Lions going 4-14.

Stay tuned for the NFC South!!!

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