NFL Football

I am so excited.  Once this preseason bullsh*t is over it will be time for NFL football.  The start of the football season is a very special time in a man’s life.  If I had to compare it to something else, I would put it up there with puberty and losing your virginity.  Yes it is that special.  Football season means that you break out the office pools and fantasy leagues.  Oh yeah fantasy football is the bomb.  I happen to be a two time champion of the league I am in.  This season, I will be defending my title.  So I definitely look forward to that.

With the start of the regular season around the corner, I thought I would make some predictions and see how well I do.  Plus I will highlight each team and share my thoughts.

NFC East

phiPhiladelphia Eagles:  Yes I know they signed Michael Vick aka Donovan McVick.  You talk about the ultimate insurance policy.  Just think about it.  Except for accuracy, I think Michael Vick is an exact replica of Donovan.  Plus Vick will have receivers to throw to and a gigantic offensive line to protect him.  Good move by the Eagles.  Even before Vick’s arrival, Philadelphia was going to be my choice as the winner of the NFC East.  If you really think about it the Eagles have made moves for today and the future.  They drafted LeSean McCoy to back up injury prone Brian Westbrook.  They added a rookie receiver in Jeremy Maclin that may have an immediate impact.  Then they beefed up their o-line.  If Philly can stay healthy, I truly think that they could go places.  Dare I say to the Super Bowl??  The eagles will win their division with a 12-6 record

nygNew York Giants:  What else can I say besides the fact that I hate them!  Just needed to get that off my chest.  The Giants won their division last year with a record of 12-4.  They just recently inked Eli Manning to a lucrative deal.  Making him the QB for the next several years.  However Eli will not have many options to throw to. Especially after the loss of Plaxico Burress.  They drafted Hakeem Nicks from the University of North Carolina.  Plus on the other side of the ball, their defense isn’t as intimidating as it was a few years back.  My prediction for the Giants is that they will win 9 games thanks to their defense.  I will predict 9-7!

dalDallas Cowboys:  They figure that big things are coming for the Big D.  For their sake they better hope so.  The Cowboys will need to fill up the new stadium that they just built.  The T.O. soap opera has moved to Buffalo.  However the whole drama associated with who Tony Romo is dating these days seems to be a major distraction.  I think the Cowboys could get their act together and play like a team. Personally I just do not see it happening this year.  Believe it or not but I think that they will miss T.O. If the Lombardi trophy was given away to the team with the best backfield, I think Dallas would win! They certainly are stacked at this position. But you can’t run the ball all the time and expect to win.  I think Dallas needs to realize that they don’t have many offensive weapons outside the running back position.  At receiver they will need for Roy Williams to step up and be their number one.  Granted they have one of the best tight ends in the league that still won’t be enough to strike fear into defenses.  I see America’s team going 8-8

wasWashington Redskins:  I really don’t know what to say about this team.  The only big offseason move was the signing of Albert Haynesworth.  I see their defense benefiting tremendously from this acquisition.  They were rumored to be interested in Jay Cutler.  Which rattled the cage of their current quarterback, Jason Campbell.  Although he doesn’t have tremendous stats when compared to other great QB’s in the league, I believe Campbell continues to step up and improve each season.  What shocks me the most is the lack of movement to go out and get another WR and RB to help bolster the offense.  Santana Moss and Clinton Portis continue to be two big contributors for the offense.  Also throw in Ladell Betts and Chris Cooley.  But that isn’t enough to put Washington towards the top of their division.  After taking a look at their schedule, I feel the Redskins will go 7-9 and sit in last place in their division.

Stay tuned for the NFC North!

3 thoughts on “NFL Football

  1. Dec. 6th: Eagles at Atlanta: it will be rocking. Vick will somehow, some way get in this game. The place will be going berserk. (Footnote: In all sincerity I wish Donovan McNabb a 100% healthy season – have nothing but respect for him – but if he is injured for that game, it will be an even more raucous atmosphere. Too bad the Georgia Dome is indoors – where football games should NEVER be played. By 2015 the Falcons will be outdoors at home. (Wow…2015…that sounds so futuristic…so far away…but it’s only 6 years.)

    • Wow I didn’t even see that these two teams meet. I agree that it will be crazy in Hotlanta. Andy Reid will definitely find a way to play Vick in this game. Then all of his critics will be silenced. I expect big things for Vick. Now I have to say for the hundredth time that the man has served his time. So please just let him be.

      2015 does sound futuristic. Sounds like I might be driving a flying car like George Jetson! See you in North Carolina!

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