Yankees Suck!

So all you queer Yankee fans think that you are the bomb don’t ya?  Well allow me to bust some knowledge for you that will wipe that shit eating grin off your face.

First of all you can kiss my ass with all this sweep talk.  I mean you Yankee fans must be terrible with math.  But the last time I checked losing eight out of twelve isn’t a good thing.  Don’t give me that bull shit about being 6.5 out of first.  We still have a ton of baseball to play so shut up!  This hot streak that the Yankees are on will come to an end.

Yankee fans can eat my ass.  You guys are not die hard fans.  When your team was getting rocked and knocked around most of you went off and hid.  Oh but now your team is on a winning streak then it is time for all the Yankee fans to come out.  Red Sox fans are not like that.  We stick with our team thick and through.  And this situation will not be any different.  We never give up even if we are down 3-0.  Oooh did I hit a nerve Yankee fans?  I certainly f’in hope so.  Yankees have accomplished one thing.  And that one thing is being the biggest choke artist in history.  Hey big whoop for winning all those World Series back in the day.  But you haven’t won one in almost a decade.  That has to be a shitty feeling for you Yankee fans.

** Bold Prediction **

If the Red Sox either win the division outright or get the Wild Card, we will beat the shit out of the Yankees.  I have a feeling that by the end of the month the lead will be down to 2 games.

So for all those Yankee fans out there.. Don’t talk shit right now.  You will see us in the playoffs and the Yankees will go down.  So until then here is what you can do Yankee fans….

F*ck Every Last One of You Yankee Fans!!

F*ck Every Last One of You Yankee Fans!!

6 thoughts on “Yankees Suck!

  1. i like…btw isn’t this how it always plays out? Yankees get hot in August, we go to sleep since we dominated the entire first half. Then we come back to reclaim top spot in September once the Yanks go back to their overpaid underachieving selves (honestly, how long do you think Johnny Damon can keep this going? Or till Joba goes bezerk? he almost did with a 6 run lead)

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  3. Your points may be valid, but you have to admit that baseball is about momentum and the Yankees sweep last weekend may have been significant in that the teams that met up earlier in the year may be in different places right now. That said, let go of the anger man. It’s just baseball.

    • Thanks for stopping by appauled! I believe that every sport is about momentum. But it is about momentum at the right time. A team can be hot when it doesn’t matter. That is kind of the point that I tried to make. Now if there was only 6 or 7 games left in the season then I’d be nervous. But there is about 50 left. Meaning that there is a lot of baseball to be played.

      I am sorry for the anger (not overly sorry) but I am passionate about my sports teams.

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