Starter Jackets

Who remembers having one of these?  I certainly don’t because I never did have one.  Mom and dad didn’t want to spend a hundred bucks for a jacket that I’d outgrow.  So I had the luxury of seeing my other friends have these kick ass jackets.  The starter jacket was a popular trend.  Especially if you lived in cold climates.  It not only kept you warm but you managed to look cool in the process.  I remember seeing all sorts of Starter Jackets.  They had college ones, nfl, mlb, nhl, nba, and I think that is it.  But the popular ones were definitely the Michigan one.  Back in the hey day when the Fab 5 were cool.  I saw a few people rocking the 49ers coat thanks to Jerry Rice and Joe Montana days.  I know of people that had the Charlotte Hornets starter jacket because of the cool colors.  Now while they were awesome to rock when going out you had to be careful of those individuals that abused their Starter jackets.  You know who you are!!  I know that with that Kangaroo-esque pouch, you could put some Rain-Blo, Nerds, Coke, or whatever tickled your fancy and just walk out the door.  The jackets were just so huge that you couldn’t notice the bulge from stolen property.  Ahh good memories indeed!!

So here is to all you fans of Starter jackets!!  Tell me about what kind of Starter jacket you owned or always wanted!!


11 thoughts on “Starter Jackets

  1. Daniel and I shared clothes back then and I think we had a Duke blue devils one. I love the blast from the pasts you do.

  2. I too was a kid whose parents weren’t going to spring for the starter jacket. I dreamed of a University of Florida jacket for the longest time…to no avail. I wanted to be the kid that could barely fit out of the car door as they got dropped off at the mall for the day. There was another jacket fad here (Tallahassee), not sure if it was anywhere else, the Browning jackets. This was the rednecks, or wanna-be-necks, answer to the starter. There was something about jackets puffier than Costanza’s Gortex back in the day (maybe MBTC is onto something with stashing the classic candies…but don’t forget Fun Dip, and Big League Chew). Hey Man, How about some classic shoes? I remember getting my first big time pair of Nikes…the original Griffey’s.

  3. Wow my man.. you were jipped as I kid!! (sp?) I thought my parents were bad.. I did in fact have one. Mine was MIAMI hurricanes.. obviously because of the bright orange and my sister had Charlotte Hornets because of, yes, the cool colors but she also had a crazy crazy obsession with Alonzo Mourning!! I think I actually still have mine in a closet somewhere and always wondered.. why didn’t we ever donate that thing!! Although, I haven’t grown much and it would probably still fit me.. LOL

    • hey i may not have had a starter jacket but i had a ton of video games. So i was happy in other ways!!

  4. Man it was crazy in middle school, a little school in rural Tennessee and nobody had the same jacket; every team from UMass to the Denver Nuggets. I had a San Diego Chargers jacket. I wish I had new one cause I would rock it out this fall

  5. Hi there.
    I found your blog as i were searchin for some new Starter jackets.
    As i was young my dad never bought me anything, so i wore the old f…ed up ones from my boys.
    Now i grew a “little” bigger and i started collecting em.
    I hold 12 Jackets right now. Not just Starters, also Chalkline and Swingster.
    It’s sick… i cant stop.
    But here in Berlin/Germany Starter is the brand to wear.
    People like to give me up to 260$ for my white Raiders blouson.

    • What’s up Klaus and thanks for checking out my blog! I must say that it is great to have a fan in Germany. That is crazy that Starter is the brand to wear in Berlin. Maybe it will make a comeback here in the States!

  6. aww man, i had a san diego chargers starter jacket in high school 1985, i managed to keep it in pretty descent shape and being from phoenix i didnt get to rock it as much but when i did it was always a treat even years later going in to 2000 i had it, until somebody decided they needed it more than i did one weekend after partying at my place i noticed it wasnt in its usual spot, been searching the internet for that thing……as 2pac said and paid tribute to…”aint nothing like the old school” thanks to all for the trip down memorey lane! i totally enjoyed it

    Scottie aka scottiepimpin

    • what’s up Scottie. i appreciate you rollin’ through my site. start jackets were the hot thing back in the day. glad you liked this article enough to comment on it. just wondering how you found the site?


      • i was doing a google search for starter jackets and stumbled across this site…..brought back some of the ole days for me, very cool dawg

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