Weight Loss Report Vol 1.

So many people have asked how the whole weight loss challenge is going.  My response to that would be is that I have pretty much maintained the same weight.  For the last past week, I have managed to work out twice in the first week and three times in the second.    Thanks to some friendly advice, I have incorporated circuit training into my workouts.  Now even though I have maintained the same weight, I feel a little bit different.  It is still fairly early and I have a long ways to go.  But I think I have overcome the biggest obstacle and that was actually getting off my lazy ass to work out.  If I continue to work at this and get my confidence up more, I will be alright.  I think for next report I would like to have lost at least 4 lbs.  It is going to take some effort but I can already see that I have the support of my fans.  Also some people at work have decided to start another interoffice weight loss challenge. I definitely need to push myself because it is already August.  So for the next few months please continue to show your support for me as I press on to achieve my goals.  Thanks for your continued support and please stay tuned for volume 2 coming to you on August 14th.

One thought on “Weight Loss Report Vol 1.

  1. I don’t know what you are doing for your diet but my doctor said the South Beach diet is great. You only have to lose the carbs for two weeks. I think an increase in protein and decrease in carbs always works..but I’m not sure exactly how people know how much to consume.

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